Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hebrew Results

It's been ages, hasn't it? This short post is simply to say that our first two experiments on Hebrew (auditory priming) have produced some amazing results. Why? Well, because they are complicated. For one, the results look a lot like the results we got for Maltese, and this is surprising because of the fact that Maltese showed no binyan priming effects. We interpreted this as due to the low information value associated with the binyan in Maltese, where only half of the vocabulary even participates in the binyan system. In Hebrew on the other hand, every verb, including borrowed verbs, are part of the binyan system. And yet we're finding no binyan priming at all. This is also surprising because of the visual masked priming results in Hebrew, which shows clear binyan priming effects for Hebrew verbs. So we're puzzling over this, in addition to a very cool result that has to do with nonwords (I'll save the details for our paper...).


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